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About this site

This site is owned and maintained by Te Hoiere Kaitiaki Charitable Trust (The Trust).

Contact us at with questions or comments. For information about your privacy, please visit our Privacy Statement page.

Terms and conditions for site use

Your use of our website and its content is subject to the following terms. These terms may change at any time by posting updates on our website. Please read the following carefully before you start using our website. By using our website, you agree to these terms. If you don’t accept these terms, you should not use our website.

Our Content

The content of this website is subject to The Trust copyright protection unless otherwise stated. We authorise you to reproduce original material from this website only:

  • To show The Trust’s activities or carry out The Trust’s activities; or
  • For personal and non-commercial use.

Intellectual Property

The permission to reproduce material in this way is given with the provisos that, if it is disseminated to any third party:

  • The Trust’s copyright must be acknowledged; and
  • It must be reproduced accurately; and
  • It must not be presented in a misleading way.


The permission to print from this website does not extend to anything on the website that is the copyright of a third party. This website also provides links to other websites, which may contain copyright material. To reproduce material that is the copyright of a third party, you must obtain permission directly from the copyright holder.

Your Use of Our Website

You agree to use our website in a manner that complies with all applicable laws and regulations, and that does not infringe on the rights of anyone else, or restrict or inhibit their use and enjoyment of our website.

Liability Disclaimer

The information on this website has been compiled in good faith. Changes or updates to the content of this site may occur without notice.

All reasonable endeavours are made to provide information that is accurate and current. However, The Trust does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of information and does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage incurred by a user in reliance on the information. This information is of a general nature only and does not constitute professional advice.

While we take reasonable measures, we cannot guarantee that files downloaded from this website will be free of viruses and therefore accept no liability for damage caused by such viruses.

The content on our website is obtained from various sources (including from third parties), which are not under the control of The Trust. While we have made every effort to ensure that the content on our website is complete and accurate, we do not represent or warrant that it is complete, accurate or is suitable for what you may want to use it for. Furthermore, any views or opinions expressed on our website may be solely those of the original author and contributors, and may not represent those of The Trust.

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