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Welcome Greg Smith


Greg Smith, Ngā Awa Ranger, Department of Conservation

Please join us in welcoming Greg Smith to Te Hoiere! Greg is the new Ngā Awa Ranger for Department of Conservation. He has literally jumped right in, surveying freshwater fish and sampling for the presence of kanakana (lampreys) throughout the catchment.

Greg has also been helping with a tracking and trapping project in the Mahakipawa wetland in order to protect the banded rail (at-risk declining), fernbird (at-risk declining), and marsh crake (declining) populations.

Greg has recently arrived from the United States, where he was working for Colorado Parks and Wildlife as a Fisheries Technician.

"I am really enjoying exploring the many beautiful and remote corners of Te Hoiere, and I am excited to do my part in protecting and enhancing it for future generations," Greg says.

About Ngā Awa

The Te Hoiere/Pelorus River is one of 14 Ngā Awa rivers, with Department of Conservation working in local partnerships with others to restore the biodiversity from mountains to sea.

Learn more about Department of Conservation's Ngā Awa programme here.

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